Release of Information

At MedRec Aps, we deliver ROI solutions tailored to our clients needs.

Catering to insurance companies & personal injury attorneys, our services are designed to simplify the Release of Information process so that you can be confident you will get the records you need by the time you need them.

Why MedRec Aps:

  • Technology: Compliant systems that are secured & protected from data breach, and designed to make your life simple
  • Training: Our staff is continuously trained and updated on HIPAA compliance, and potential changes to the law.
  • Turn-Around: Meeting or exceeding standard ROI industry turn-around time. When speed is of the essence, contact MedRecAps.

You need a partner that can offer your staff peace of mind so that you can focus on what is most important – Serving your clients. We aim to be that partner. Please reach out today.