Why MedRecAps?

Health Information Management, Simplified.

MedRec Aps strives to be your reliable partner for quick-turn around time & efficient service. Our release of information services are designed to get your records as quickly as possible, while maintaining strict compliance protocols. Please come partner with MedRec Aps and see how we can streamline you record retrieval process


In records retrieval, which translates to your piece of mind knowing from initiating your records request to retrieving your requested records is handled smoothly, efficiently and professionally. Our leadership team has over 20 years of health information industry experience, which means we fully understand all the pain points and have built our system specifically to help you reduce, if not eliminate them entirely.


We take patient privacy seriously and follow industry best practices to meet HIPAA requirements. Our employees are trained to treat patient privacy as their highest priority. Security is baked into our systems and  technology to avoid data breach, which means you can rest easy!


Quick, on time access to accurate records can make or break your case, or hurt your chances of selling a new life insurance policy. We understand, and have designed our systems to exceed industry turn around time standards, even when you are dealing with notoriously difficult insurance & medical providers.